Calathea Setosa Plant-medium

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A stunning plant with stunning, unique colored leaves - greyish-blue with dark green stripes and dark crimson at the bottom. That’s the Calathea Setosa Plant, Prayer plant, Zebra Plant or the Compact star. Calathea Setosa Plant is a common yet beautiful indoor plant whose leaves close at night, resembling palms folded in prayer (hence the name prayer plant) and reopen in the morning.

Although the Calathea Setosa Plant-medium originated in tropical Brazil, it can now be found livening up homes around the world. In the right conditions, the plant can grow up to 2 feet in height. With its powerful air-purifying properties, the Calathea Setosa Plant is the perfect indoor plant.

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Bright indirect sunlight



Once or twice a week


Where to grow

Indoor plant



warm climate


Special feature

Pet friendly

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