Echeveria Subsesilis Hybrid Silver Plant

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Its silver-grey leaves edged with a tint of red gives it the name Echeveria Subsessilis Hybrid Silver Plant and makes it a beautiful member of the succulent family. The thick fleshy leaves form a perfect little rosette. The plant remains small even when fully grown making it the perfect house plant or an office table plant. A native of African regions, the plant can be now found in homes and gardens the world over because of its tough nature. Though these plants prefer warm climates, they can tolerate cold and long periods of drought too. Bring home an Echeveria Subsessilis Hybrid Silver Plant today to add variety to your succulent collection or gift it to a friend.

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Where to grow

Bright indirect sunlight



Water once a week


Where to grow

Indoor and outdoor plant



Low maintenance


Special feature

Pet friendly

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