Fern Morpankhi

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A fluffy, bright green plant with dense foliage, which turns heads wherever it is planted;
that’s the fern Morpankhi. Also called the Fluffy Ruffle Fern because of its fluffy, ruffled
appearance, this plant changes colour based on how much light it receives - sufficient light,
and the leaves will be bright green but will change to darker green in low light conditions.
This is why windowsills and hanging balcony planters are the perfect spots for your Fern
Morpanhki.Fern Morpankhi is one of the oldest plants in existence due to its ability to adapt and its minimal care requirements. Ferns also self-reproduce with the spores at the bottom of their leaves which plays a major role in their ability to survive and thrive.

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Bright indirect sunlight



Twice a week


Where to grow

Indoor evergreen plant



Low maintenance


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Pet friendly

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